ITDA, PADI and Speciality diving courses

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Welcome To

Northern Technical Diving Ltd

Diving is a great sport and Northern Technical Diving provides a framework of diver education to permit the diver to take full advantage of the underwater world. From Novice Diver through to Technical Diver, offering training from ITDA and PADI.
All Technical training is offered through ITDA, Initially developed by one of the worlds leading exponents of technical diving, Rob Palmer, these courses create an attitude of mind which ensures safe diving whether in open ocean, inshore waters or deep caves.

Inspiration Evolution

The courses (open circuit, rebreather, technician) have also benefited from the input of outstanding diving physiologists, educationalists, engineers, cave divers and retail experts, all of whom have combined to create a successful international training operation and a rapidly growing membership.

All courses are conducted in a safe and professional manner. Northern Technical Diving Ltd is one of the few diver training companies that can offer courses ranging from Open Water Diver to Closed Circuit Trimix.

You can start your diving training at entry level by enrolling in one of our PADI courses.

All recreational diver courses are offered by PADI along with PADI Pro and speciality courses, these include First Aid and O2 administration. PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organizations.

New and used Rebreathers are available for sale, including service and spares support see our Rebreather page for more information.


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Contact Us

We’re always available to offer advice and help for any of your technical diving needs.

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