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ITDA- The Organisation

The International Technical Diving Association (ITDA) is a body of diving professionals specialising in the training and development of technical diving throughout the world. A combination of the expertise of a board of advisors, experienced instructor trainers and instructors has helped evolve highly effective, up to the minute, well-presented diver training that can be easily understood by the layman.

ITDA is an exceptional organisation with a 100% safety record, which has a select number of technical training centres throughout the world. We are an internationally recognized training agency, and continually strive to further develop and improve the training standards as the diving industry evolves.

The History

ITDA was formed in 1997 by the pioneering and leading technical diver Rob Palmer. His vision was to form an organisation to promote the safe and structured training of technical diving. An author of over 200 articles and numerous books, he bought his ideas to the UK and the Stenmar group, and the birth of the “new” agency occurred.

 Rob Palmer was a renowned figure in the rapidly growing technical diving market, a tremendous advocate to safe diving practices, to which ITDA prides itself. As far back as the early 1980’s he led major mixed gas and rebreather expeditions into caves and wrecks all over the world, many years before technical diving and rebreathers began to make a noticeable impression in the sports diving market.

Rob was also part of the original “think tank” that put together the outlines for the first mixed gas courses, which later became the blueprint for all technical diving courses.
 Unfortunately Rob lost his live in 1997 and the diving world lost one its truly great pioneers. 

ITDA was taken over by Stenmar Ltd after Robs death.

Simon Townsend took over the agency, becoming its CEO…

It was whilst under the Stenmar group, the courses laid out by Rob, gained HSE recognition in the UK, under the guidance of new technical director Simon Townsend and special projects director Ron Mahoney. 

In 2001 Stenmar and its subsidiary companies underwent an organizational change and it was decided that Simon Townsend took over the agency, becoming its CEO. Simon continues to use his past and present experiences in the technical diving profession to develop diving standards and promote safe diving.

With the help of a highly dedicated team, ITDA now has a number of Regional Offices all over the world , all of which offer the ITDA trademark of excellent training standards and care for the customer, as well as an exemplary safety record.

The Future

ITDA is a steadily growing organisation however we continue to maintain a “quality not quantity” concept regarding our members. We believe that our quality control, standards and safety record are second to none and are proud that the materials that we offer our members are constantly monitored and updated.

Training Philosophy

All of our instructors have been trained by our training directors. That ensures that they are trained to the high, exacting standards set by ITDA. If you see yourself as a member of our team we will not offer you a “paperwork x-over”,each prospective member will be met by one of our training directors who will conduct either an instructor training programme (ITP) or an instructor x- over programme (IXP).


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